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5. Sep, 2016

Indiguru USA Review

Being based here in New York City is great for discovering new music but after a while even that gets a little stale and we need to search other scenes for something new and different. One place I personally often turn to is across the pond. Our recent find Antony Hawley is a great example of the benefits of our internet music searches.

The Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist hails from the well known Leeds music scene in the UK. Seemingly always in love with the power of music, Antony taught himself how to play the guitar and has developed his own sound based on a wide variety of influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Iron Maiden to Oasis. His mellowed out style has been attracting a rabid following locally and has recently upticked on YouTube as well.

The video that really shows off what Antony Hawley can do is titled “Tony Video Final”. Take a peek here:
Titled Midnight At The Pussy Palace
The behind the scenes video shows off the silky and sultry voice that Antony Hawley possesses. There is definitely an Oasis feel to this track as the guitars kind of drift along instead of taking over the full song. The bass groove keeps everything glued together with a blues-rock style. There is something here to keep an eye on.

Follow the rise of Antony Hawley at:
And new website

and his Twitter feed: @HawleyIndieRocks

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Antony Hawleys songs range from 1960s psychedelia to Uplifting Upbeat Indie / Brit Rock !